• Dimensions: 40”x40”x120
  • # of Turbines: 1
  • # of Generators: 1
  • Tolerate Wind Speeds: ?mph
  • Energy production: 10Mwh / yr
  • Enough energy to power 1 house for a year
  • Optional solar panels that power battery on board to run the computer that is capable of transmitting metrics. Any extra electricity produced by the solar panels will be directed into the grid for additional electricity.
  • The ECPs are made of special materials ( stainless steel and carbon fiber) that can withstand the repeated, high-energy bursts of wind for years.
  • They can be easily moved on their wheels and placed in more optimal locations based on traffic demands or permanently fixed in other locations.
  • They can be configured in rows or stacked.
  • Modular assembly of components facilitates maintenance.
  • Energy capturing parts can be produced in any custom size.

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