JETWIND POWER CORPORATION, an innovative new technology company that harnesses man-made wind power to provide clean and sustainable energy, was introduced on November 14, 2017 at the influential Airports Going Green Conference in Dallas, TX.

The fundamental premise of this groundbreaking Energy Capturing Pod system is to capture man-made wind, generated from jet, train and auto usage, and to convert it into sustainable and environmentally friendly energy.  Wind that would otherwise be wasted can now provide clean energy while saving money and lessening stress on energy grids around the world.

Energy Capturing Pod systems can be designed for use at both commercial and private airports, train stations, high traffic auto areas and helipads. The pods can be used as stand alone mobile units or combined and customized on a per project basis. Tech specs are available upon request.

JETWIND POWER CORPORATION’S consulting team includes Dr. Paul Kruger and his staff at the department of Mechanical Engineering at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. 

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